New System Partner Certificate for Nutz GmbH

For 40 years, the company Nutz GmbH based in Ampfing has been a full-service partner for electrical, data and security technology as well as building automation. To become a WinGuard System Partner and to realise customer projects as well as for offering related services, the regular participation in Advancis’ trainings is required. On the occasion of an individual WinGuard sales training in Ampfing, Stephan Sponer, Division Manager Security Technology Large Projects at Nutz, received the official system partner certificate from Kai Eckstein, Head of Sales Germany/Switzerland at Advancis.

We look forward to the further expansion of the committed collaboration with Nutz GmbH.

Interflex – New Premium Technology Partner

We are working in close partnership with an ever-growing community of technology partners around the world. Today we are pleased to welcome Interflex as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community. Interflex Datensysteme GmbH offers holistic solutions for workforce management including time management and personnel scheduling as well as customized and innovative security solutions including access control, video surveillance, security control centers, and visitor management.

Samuel Wyss, Product Manager at Interflex, appreciates the long-term collaboration with Advancis: “We receive optimal support in realising security management requirements, as our access control system IF-6040 is fully integrated in the WinGuard platform.” David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis, adds: “Access events from the IF-6040 system are transmitted to WinGuard in real time for further processing, vice versa commands such as door openings are transmitted from WinGuard to the access control system and automatically executed.”


New WinGuard System Partner in Finland

With more than 3,500 employees, Avarn Security based in Finland is a security partner for both corporate customers as well as public sector organisations. The mother company Avarn Security group with around 16,000 employees creates secure operational environments across the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). Avarn Security in Finland has now become an official WinGuard System Partner, distributing and implementing the vendor-neutral PSIM platform WinGuard from Advancis on the Finnish market.

“With regard to the ongoing development of new technologies, we can now offer system integration and security management at a whole new level. The cooperation with Advancis is a perfect addition to our scope of services”, says Mika Peippo, Business Director of Security Technology at Avarn Security.

Patrick Geldmacher, International Sales Manager at Advancis, states: “We are deeply happy to partner up with such a great company as Avarn for the Finish market. In view of the further expansion of our activities in the Scandinavian market, we look very much forward to jointly realise WinGuard projects.”


Advancis is innovative through research

Advancis has been awarded the “Innovative through Research 2022 / 2023” seal by the German association “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft”. With this seal, the association honours research-based companies for their special commitment and the responsibility they assume for the state and society through their work. The “Stifterverband” awards the seal to research-based companies that participate in the biennial full survey on research and development of the German economy.

“We are very pleased about having been awarded this seal. Innovation and research are important components of our corporate philosophy. The award is proof of our role as an innovation driver in vendor-neutral security and building management”, states David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis. With more than 2,000 realised installations worldwide, Advancis Software & Services GmbH headquartered in Langen near Frankfurt/Main is one of the market leaders in vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management.

In addition to its own research and development work, Advancis is currently participating in the “SPELL” research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The abbreviation SPELL stands for “Semantic platform for intelligent decision-making and deployment support in control and situation centres”. The aim of this project is to use artificial intelligence to initiate emergency response, emergency aid and supply measures for the population more quickly and in line with the situation in case of crises (e.g. major incidents, pandemics, natural disasters or widespread power failures). “Within the scope of the SPELL project, we will be developing future-oriented solutions together with our project partners in the coming years. Our focus is on the integration, harmonisation and utilisation of sensor data from security and building management as well as communication and information technology”, explains David Teppe.


Siedle – New Premium Technology Partner

We are working in close partnership with an ever-growing community of technology partners around the world. Today we are pleased to welcome SIEDLE as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community. Siedle is one of the leading manufacturers of door intercom systems and building communication technology in Germany and Europe.

”With the integration of our Access Professional system into the WinGuard PSIM platform from Advancis, we now offer our customers a complete range of solutions due to the combination of professional door and building communication with open PSIM“, states Markus Hummel (Product Manager Siedle). “We are very happy about the renowned new member of our WinGuard partner community”, affirms David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis. „All relevant door communication functions from Siedle are seamlessly integrated into the WinGuard user interface. Receiving and accepting door calls, switching door openers as well as displaying status messages and direct integration of CCTV is possible. The added value for the user is obvious.“

Spica – New Premium Technology Partner

An excellent collaboration combined with best-of-breed technologies can make business partners achieve more than they could have on their own. A perfect example is the technology partnership between Spica and Advancis and the full integration of Spica’s access control system in WinGuard.

The open PSIM platform WinGuard supports the user in the control centre with dynamic workflows (SOPs) both in case of routine tasks and emergencies. Events can easily be processed as WinGuard automatically interacts with other connected technical systems such as CCTV, intrusion detection or building automation.

“With Door Cloud, Spica has been at the forefront of cloud access control technology for several years, offering a real multi-tenant service and true mobility with remote door opening and smartphone card replacement. We appreciate the collaboration with this highly-qualified Premium Technology Partner“, states Christian Jourdan, Strategic Alliances Manager at Advancis.

Advancis receives LenelS2 Factory Certification under LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program

Advancis Software & Services GmbH today announced that it has received LenelS2 factory certification and joined the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). WinGuard from Advancis interfaces with the OnGuard® access control system. The integration allows the LenelS2 OnGuard access control system to be managed directly from WinGuard equipped control rooms.

“Advancis has completed required factory testing at LenelS2 to validate the functionality of its interface to the OnGuard system. WinGuard (SOPs) augments the OnGuard systems situational awareness capabilities with more dynamic workflows so that the user has an enhanced ability to manage alarms and situations,” said John Marchioli, OAAP Product Management, LenelS2. “We look forward to their continued involvement in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program.”

“We have now received LenelS2 factory certification for the seamless integration of the OnGuard access control system versions 7.6 and 8.0 into the open PSIM platform WinGuard which allows us to benefit from the LenelS2 OAAP program”, stated David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis.

WinGuard from Advancis is an open PSIM platform that unifies control of disparate security, building management and communication systems via one single user interface. This includes video surveillance, fire alarm, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, building automation, communication systems and much more.

Gantner – New Premium Technology Partner

Today we welcome GANTNER Electronic as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community! The Advancis Technology Partner Program was established to promote the deep integration of systems from internationally leading manufacturers into WinGuard. More than 470 interfaces to systems of various manufacturers offer today the greatest possible flexibility for the selection or update of subsystems (fire/intrusion alarm system, video, access, etc.). The performance spectrum of the respective systems is always fully integrated into the vendor-neutral PSIM system WinGuard.

By the innovative communication interface GAT ACE 7000 from GANTNER, the connection between access control terminals and management software is established and fully integrated in WinGuard. Thus, access control and time recording are comprehensively represented in the operational security organisation. Depending on the used reader unit, different types of data carriers can be applied such as contactless badges (RFID) or magnetic and infrared cards.

“We look very much forward to the close collaboration with GANTNER”, states Christian Jourdan, Strategic Alliances Manager at Advancis. “The management of authorisations and the evaluation of movement data remain simple and intuitive due to the integration in WinGuard. In case of an alarm, predefined actions are triggered automatically and the alarm handling is perfectly organized and documented.”

CWI Certificate 2022: C&C Partners

We were pleased to welcome our guests Artur Hejdysz (CEO) and Damian Dopiera (Head of Department) of C&C, our certified WinGuard partner based in Lezno /Poland here at our office in Langen this week. During their visit, they received their updated official partner certificate from Patrick Geldmacher.

We would like to thank C&C Partners for the excellent collaboration as well as for the smooth realisation of WinGuard installations in Poland. Looking forward to further joint projects!

Senstar – New Premium Technology Partner

Advancis works in close partnership with international Technology Partners. Currently there are already more than 470 integrations of high-quality systems of leading manufacturers. The performance spectrum of the different technical systems is fully integrated into the WinGuard software platform.

Today we welcome Senstar as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community! With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control and perimeter protection systems, Senstar offers a comprehensive range of proven technologies. The Symphony video management system is fully controllable via WinGuard through a direct interface driver.

“We are very excited to be working closely with Senstar,” says Christian Jourdan, Strategic Alliances Manager at Advancis. “The command of the Symphony system with integrated video analytics and complete integration of access control and perimeter protection systems via WinGuard allows the user to process all event messages quickly and conveniently. In addition, forensic reports of all actions are automatically generated, ensuring comprehensive documentation for all process participants.”