Organise your security with WinGuard

WinGuard is an open architecture command & control platform to integrate and unify security, building automation and communication systems from different manufacturers.

Event messages from the connected systems are transferred to WinGuard and all systems are controlled via a unified user interface. In addition, WinGuard offers program-guided instructions for event processing – for a quick and secure management of the situation.

Using WinGuard as centralized management system reduces purchasing and maintenance costs for other control units as well as training costs. The modular extensibility of WinGuard offers high investment protection.

Due to individually adapted modules for particular functions, systems, workflows or verticals, WinGuard also responds to specific project requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Open platform
  • Open scalability and extensibility
  • Guided operation
  • Reports & Audits
  • Security & Stability






ISO 9000


WinGuard Express: The optimal solution for small installations

WinGuard Express is a standalone system with up to 3,000 data point units and three interfaces to subsystems: The perfect and cost-efficient solution for a single location not requiring any further clients apart from the main system. WinGuard Express is suitable e.g. for the linkage of access control with video surveillance or for visualisation and control of fire alarm systems with up to 3,000 detectors, including the automated printout of fire detector positioning plans in case of an event. Of course WinGuard Express can be extended anytime to a more comprehensive solution by further functional and interface modules.

  • Cost-efficient solution for smaller projects
  • Up to 3,000 DPU and three interfaces to subsystems
  • Linkage of different devices and systems that are installed in the building
  • Flexible access and notification via optional mobile app

WinGuard Basic: The ideal starter version for installations with multiple clients

WinGuard Basic is a distributed system with up to five clients, 5,000 data-point units and five interfaces – the optimal solution for medium-sized installations, including multi-client mode.

Different security, building and communication management systems are linked so that e.g. fire/intrusion detection systems, access control, video surveillance and intercom systems are controlled via one unified user interface. Depending on priority and responsibility, all events can be displayed at the particular workstation. Complete control of the connected systems via authorised users is of course also possible anytime.

  • Distributed systems in medium-sized installations
  • Up to 5,000 DPU, five clients and five interfaces to subsystems
  • Central documentation and comprehensive reporting possibilities
  • Target state monitoring of connected detectors or areas, e.g. arming/disarming

WinGuard Professional: Highly flexible solution for larger installations

WinGuard Professional is a distributed system with up to 15 clients, 25,000 datapoint units and 15 interfaces. Development of new interfaces is possible anytime.The system offers multiple redundancy levels to always ensure the high availability of the security and building management platform. Thanks to Hot Standby, the system functionality is kept even if a central component fails. This is particularly important for critical environments, e.g. in the finance sector, in data centres, correctional facilities or any other highly sensitive areas.

  • Distributed systems in large-sized installations
  • Up to 25,000 DPU, 15 clients and 15 interfaces
  • Multiple redundancy and high availability
  • Automatic takeover of detector positions from existing CAD plans

WinGuard Enterprise: Unlimited scalability and application possibilities

WinGuard Enterprise is a distributed system with unlimited locations, clients, datapoint units and interfaces. The development of new interfaces is possible.
WinGuard Enterprise is representing multi-location systems, the ideal solution e.g. for distributed stores of a retail chain. With the System Manager module, the control of several independent WinGuard systems spread over multiple locations is possible. The status of each system is shown in a task bar as part of the WinGuard user interface so that the user has a clear overview. Automatic actions can be executed by the system in each connected
location, enabling centralised control.
  • Global projects with numerous sites
  • Unlimited number of locations, DPU and clients
  • Autonomous operations of locations
  • Integration of further process-supporting software, e.g. incident management, ticketing or data mining systems

Versatile vertical solutions

The platform is scalable from a single workstation system to an internationally cross-linked control centre and can be extended anytime by further servers and clients. WinGuard is used wherever maximum security is required, e.g. in critical infrastructures, industry, data centres, office buildings, hospitals, traffic & transport or in prison & forensic.














Public Transportation






Finance & Administration

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