Public Transport

A centralized system to ensure security in public transport: Support management unification by implementation of one single platform – WinGuard.

The Austrian National Railways (ÖBB) is one of the largest service providers within the country. With 11,000 rail kilometers, around 300 tunnels, about 6,500 buildings as well as around 450 million transported passengers per year, a railway company of this size not only requires an active monitoring of the facilities and stations, but also a perfect support management. The initial situation was a parallel operation of numerous individual systems and a differentiated input with varied quality into the central ÖBB tool. The local troubleshooting team did not have any information about the system status.

The Solution Management responsibles comment: “We were searching for a vendor neutral system, suitable for a nationwide application. Fast reaction times with regard to modification requests as well as the provision of new interfaces were important as well. Not all management system manufacturers offer these features as a matter of course – Advancis makes the difference!“

WinGuard as centralized and flexible security management solution helps to process more than 200 events every day. Emergency calls are transferred with high priority and localized by detailed graphics without any delay. If required an installed camera can be immediately displayed.

System stability is of highest priority: The regional operator stations refer to the other server as fallback. If necessary local interface servers are installed in each building (stations, office buildings, storage depots, tunnels), reporting from the location server to the main server via a predefined structure. The overall system is designed as open platform so that one subsection after the other is successively integrated and thus the numerous proprietary management systems can be omitted.

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