Discrete surveillance is crucial in this business. A central control of all installed systems is achieved by the System Manager. Great focus can be set on an ideal CCTV integration, e.g. the personal data of the entry-cashiers is being connected with the corresponding CCTV streams. Simultaneous replay of recorded CCTV streams with embedded protocol data is indispensable for CCTV archive investigation. As casinos have extremely extensive camera counts, high risks, long regulation lists and frequent threats, the integration requires very complex PSIM software, so that WinGuard is the perfect solution for a comprehensive control.

The WinGuard Casino Solution realizes distributed management solutions. Local control rooms are established in each casino and consolidated in a centralized surveillance center. The security installations in the casinos form a multi-stage system, detecting all potential risks at an early stage so that the appropriate measures can be initiated. The combined control of all systems and data within the casino as well as the connection to the control center is consequently realized via highly secured networks exclusively using TCP/IP.

As a basic principle, the focus is on the safety of individuals, being mainly ensured by the security and building automation systems. At the same time, gambling areas and guests are safeguarded by further systems in order to protect them from unpleasant surprises. The interaction of a discrete and complex video system with the technical infrastructure of gambling tables and cashier systems is crucial.

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