With over 25 years of experience and more than 2,000 installations in different application sectors, Advancis has comprehensive expertise in all industrial sectors with high security requirements. The following projects are only an extract of WinGuard installations worldwide. Further detailed information is available on request. For more information please click here.


View the Henkel Success Story that informs about the benefits of having a unified management platform to control all technical systems at a large industrial site.

Public Transport

View the WinGuard ÖBB Success Story: Read how the Austrian Federal Railways profit from the centralized WinGuard solution for surveillance and maintenance.

Retail Chain

The Auchan Success Story shows that an intelligent and flexible PSIM system leads to efficiency and cost reduction in the retail sector.

Theme Park

View the WinGuard Europa-Park Success Story and learn more about how Europe’s largest leisure park is ensuring safety of rides and visitor security.

Aanbevolen documenten

WinGuard Brochure

WinGuard Brochure

Het WinGuard overzicht waarin alle functionaliteiten en toepassingen van onze software wordt uitgelegd.

Success Story MPL

MPL Project

Read more about remote alarm management in a superordinated control centre in our MPL Success Story.

Success Story Infineon

Infineon Project

Security management in micro electronics/semiconducter industry.

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