WinGuard Express

The optimal solution for small installations

WinGuard Express is a standalone system with up to 3,000 data point units and three interfaces to subsystems: The perfect and cost-efficient solution for a single location not requiring any further clients apart from the main system. WinGuard Express is suitable e.g. for the linkage of access control with video surveillance or for visualisation and control of fire alarm systems with up to 3,000 detectors, including the automated printout of fire detector positioning plans in case of an event. Of course WinGuard Express can be extended anytime to a more comprehensive solution by further functional and interface modules.


  • Cost-efficient solution for smaller projects
  • Up to 3,000 DPU and three interfaces to subsystems
  • Linkage of different devices and systems that are installed in the building
  • Flexible access and notification via optional mobile app

Application Example

The iOS or Android App can already be used with WinGuard Express, enabling mobile access to WinGuard and all connected systems. Personnel on site can also trigger events by using their smartphone.

Project Example

The WinGuard standalone system already offers the possibility to realise comprehensive security concepts for smaller locations. Provided that the workstation is not continuously manned, event messages can be directly forwarded to the mobile device of the person in charge using the WinGuard Mobile App. In addition, the exact location information where the event is taking place will be sent. This enables a clear localisation so that the personnel can initiate the appropriate actions to resolve the situation.

Vice versa, event information that is not automatically registered by the technical devices integrated in WinGuard can be triggered directly using the smartphone/tablet. For example, in case of a leaking hazardous substance, an event message incl. notes, photos, videos or voice recordings can be triggered using the app. This ensures a fast reaction in case of emergency.

For the purpose of maintenance works, it is also possible to arm or disarm detectors using e.g. the mobile phone.

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