WinGuard Enterprise

Nearly unlimited application possibilities

WinGuard Enterprise is a distributed system with unlimited locations, clients, datapoint units and interfaces. The development of new interfaces
is possible. WinGuard Enterprise is representing multi-location systems, the ideal solution e.g. for distributed stores of a retail chain. With the System Manager module, the control of several independent WinGuard systems spread over multiple locations is possible. The status of each system is shown in a task bar as part of the WinGuard user interface so that the user has a clear overview. Automatic actions can be executed by the system in each connected
location, enabling centralized control.


  • Global installations with an unlimited number of locations
  • Autonomous operation of locations via Location Servers
  • Integration of map material, geo-referenced datapoints
  • Integration of further process-supporting software is possible

Application Example

Map material can be integrated via the geo data interface (Google Static Maps API). Each datapoint can be geo-referenced by its placement on the map
which is supporting the visualization of different locations and mobile devices.

Project Example

A centralized control room offers the optimal solution for the operator of a retail chain with numerous chain stores, to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
With location servers installed in the distributed locations, WinGuard collects information from all connected systems such as fire and intrusion alarm systems, access control, RFID and cashier systems and video surveillance. Event messages are displayed in one well-arranged user interface at the centralized workstations so that security personnel can focus on the important situations. The WinGuard Event Workflows assist the user in taking the appropriate actions. In addition, WinGuard offers continuous surveillance of building technology systems, e.g. temperature of cooling chambers. If an event message is received, the control center as well as a service technician on site will be automatically informed by SMS, e-mail or phone. Connecting to further process-supporting software is possible.

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