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Advancis & Hexagon: Integrated Operational Command and PSIM Solution

In the past years, the demand for integrated solutions with regard to emergency control and security management has strongly increased. This applies in particular to industrial control centers that are responsible for a quick and efficient intervention in hazardous situations. This includes coordination of preventive measures such as e.g. resource proposals, alarming and assignment of emergency personnel, but in addition also visualization and control of all security-relevant devices such as e.g. fire alarm and access control systems or video surveillance. To make the complete spectrum of control center tasks operable in a continuous, comfortable, quick and secure way, Advancis and Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure have created an optimal overall solution by the close linkage of the PSIM system WinGuard with the operational command system Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. Both daily control processes as well as emergency management can be perfectly realized via this combined, independent software platform. Read more here:

Advancis & Northport: MyOPSView – Data Mining and Reporting

Advancis Software and Services Ltd are pleased to present our Solutions Partner, Northport Data Ltd. and their Data Mining and Reporting tool, MyOPSView.

MyOPSView is exclusive to Advancis and WinGuard and maintains and presents real time data to unlimited users from a single MyOPSView license. MyOPSView is not a developer’s tool but a manager’s tool with predefined charts and tables highlighting the wealth of information which is captured and collected by Advancis WinGuard interfaces and actions.

MyOPSView comes in two versions: MyOPSView Basic and MyOPSView Enterprise.

Please see the White Paper below for more information on the MyOPSView products including features and screenshots. Also, view MyOPSView product videos on our website –

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