The use of WinGuard is not limited to any business or application field. Thanks to its numerous optional modules such as Message Forwarding to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones), Time Control, Facility Manager, Geo Information and many more, the functional scope of WinGuard adapts according to the specific on-site requirements.

Vertical markets profiting from the security and building management platform WinGuard are manifold.

Office Buildings

The monitoring and control of all systems inside a large office building can be a complex challenge. WinGuard provides an easy and self-explanatory interface especially for the handling of barriers, low-voltage-main-distribution, lighting control, automatic monitoring of IT systems, etc. The building’s efficiency is increased while utilities and costs are decreased. In an emergency case, the evacuation of the building is guided by WinGuard.


Discrete and centralized surveillance is the main target here. Great focus is set on establishing an ideal CCTV integration. Simultaneous replay of recorded CCTV streams with embedded protocol data is indispensable for CCTV archive investigation. Furthermore cashier systems, gambling machines, access control and fire alarm systems have to be connected.


High profile clients and environments are the ultimate application test for PSIM software. Besides the improvement of the building’s environmental footprint, most important aspect is to protect human life in case of an assault attempt or disaster. With guided workflows and through a centralized operation of all connected systems, WinGuard provides the relevant assistance for handling of hazardous situations.

Correctional Facilities

Absolute reliability is required when implementing a security and building management platform in this environment. WinGuard consolidates alarms issued by different systems so that zone alarms are created automatically. The implementation of an inmate database offers perfect support for the guards on duty. Event-related alarm display filters avoid information overload. Subsystem-comprehensive information is forwarded to personal emergency call devices.


As a highly-secured area a military base requires unification of multiple systems into a comprehensive solution so that all real-time data is displayed in an easily accessible manner. Specific rights management for multiple users, customizable reporting and quick response times are key factors here. Guided workflows help the user while handling critical events. RFID tracking for weapons and persons is a useful integrated functionality.


Regional, international or globally operating retail chains intend to increase overall security and efficiency without rising costs. This target can only be achieved by incorporating the wide variety of systems and locations into one central information hub and control room. WinGuard is the ideal and comprehensive solution for a centralized data management. A global monitoring of quality and temperature, e. g. for frozen food, is enabled through real time information display.


In a parking garage the highest security level for both humans as well as the parked vehicles shall be ensured, whereas the sentry may not be permanently manned. Through a centralized surveillance and control center equipped with the WinGuard platform, the parking garage security is ensured day and night as CO2 warning messages, fire and assault alarms as well as video images are received centrally. Of course the opening or closing of barriers and the issuance of replacement tickets or service codes is also possible. If necessary local responsibles will immediately be notified via call, SMS or e-mail.

For further examples (Industry, Retail, Penal & Forensic, etc.), please also refer to our Solutions Section.