Advancis presents WinGuard X5 at Security Essen

The first WinGuard based on the new Advancis Open Platform

Langen, 15 August 2022 – Advancis Software & Services GmbH, one of the international market leaders in vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management, presents its new WinGuard version X5 at Security Essen (20-23 September 2022). For the first time, this Major Release is based on the new software platform AOP (Advancis Open Platform) and thus offers amongst other features more flexibility through an open access for 3rd party applications.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions are used in many different verticals, e.g. in industry, finance and administration, data centers, correctional and forensic facilities, in transport and traffic, logistics or healthcare. Due to market trends such as increasing digitalization, data collection/analysis and the associated platform economy, new solutions and technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Internet of Things (IoT) must also be considered. After all, the number of actuators and sensors is constantly increasing. Advancis has recognized that WinGuard has to support this growth too – both in terms of new functions and interfaces as well as with regard to development speed and complexity. To be even better prepared for all these requirements, Advancis decided already in the year 2019 to start developing a fundamentally new open architecture platform called Advancis Open Platform (AOP). After completion, AOP now forms the basis for the new WinGuard version X5.

Image 1: CEO of Advancis Jan Meiswinkel (© Advancis)

Image 2: CTO of Advancis Hartmut Nöll (© Advancis)

”AOP is strategically by far the most transformative product development in Advancis’ corporate history. This milestone paves the way for growth and expansion by creating an open platform that offers almost unlimited possibilities”, explains Jan Meiswinkel, CEO of Advancis, this fundamental innovation. “At Security 2022, we will present the new WinGuard version X5 which is based on this new AOP substructure”, Meiswinkel adds. „WinGuard – initially developed as a solution for specific use cases – has undergone a transformation over the years. A growing number of projects with more and more specific and partly very individual requirements has led to the fact that solutions have been implemented more and more generically”, explains Hartmut Nöll, CTO of Advancis, and adds: “With the Advancis Open Platform, we are now taking this path one step further and enable the user himself to extend the software with his own functionalities, interfaces and UI components, based on the existing concepts. The basis for all of that is a modern API which can be used in principle with any programming language. We are very excited with regard to the solutions of the certainly fast-growing developer community around AOP.”

At the Advancis stand (hall 8, stand 8A15), visitors can experience the advantages of the vendor-neutral PSIM platform WinGuard X5 in a real control center environment. In addition, two completely new software products are presented by Advancis: The Advanced Identity Manager (AIM) is a platform for consolidating existing access control and IT systems through centralized identity management. Minder, a software-as-a-service solution, enables companies to minimize their operational risk by comprehensively protecting people and assets.

The Advancis partners Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, Erich Keller, AG Neovo and VuWall will be co-exhibitors at the stand. The Advancis stand with a size of over 100 m² not only provides numerous operator stations, but also creates a real control center environment with two large state-of-the-art video walls from AG Neovo/VuWall as well as the intelligent incident management technologies from Hexagon and the professional control center desks from Erich Keller AG. Visitors can experience live not only the technical innovations, but also the comprehensive operating comfort offered by a perfectly equipped control room.

Image 3: With AIM and Minder, Advancis presents two completely new solutions at Security Essen – in addition to WinGuard X5. (© Advancis)

Press contact: Advancis Software & Services GmbH, Monzastr. 1, 63225 Langen (Hessen), Germany. Contact person: Uli Schunk, Tel.: +49 6103 80735 271, [email protected]


Advancis becomes Technology Partner with Motorola Solutions Avigilon

Advancis is pleased to announce our Technology Partnership with Motorola Solutions Avigilon. Whereas Avigilon has been a Premium Technology Partner of Advancis ever since last year already, Advancis is vice versa now also part of the Technology Partner community of Avigilon. Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software is completely integrated in the WinGuard open PSIM platform from Advancis, so that it is possible to observe live streams, control cameras (PTZ), request playback videos, and more. Advancis’ WinGuard ACC integration is compatible with ACC6 and ACC7 versions.

Laura Flamm Technology Partner Manager at Avigilon, states: “With this integrated solution, situational awareness is enhanced for the end users and provides efficient and intuitive security information management capabilities.”

Visit our Technolgy Partner web page to learn more about the Partnership between Advancis and Avigilon

Showroom update: New demo panel from Siedle

Siedle is one of the leading manufacturers of intercom systems and building communication technology in Germany and Europe – and as of now also part of our showroom in Langen. We would like to thank our Premium Technology Partner Siedle for providing the new demo panel to demonstrate the integration of the Siedle Access Professional product in WinGuard in practice.

“With the integration of our Access Professional system in the WinGuard PSIM platform from Advancis, we are now able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of solutions by combining professional door and building communication with vendor-neutral security and building management,” says Markus Hummel (Product Manager at Siedle).

“We are very pleased to have this new demo panel in our showroom,” adds Christian Jourdan, Strategic Alliances Manager at Advancis. “All relevant door communication functions from Siedle are seamlessly integrated in the WinGuard user interface. Receiving and answering door calls, control of door openers as well as displaying status messages and direct integration of video surveillance are possible. The added value for the user is obvious.”

We are in the final of the GIT Security AWARD 2023

The voting for the GIT Security Award 2023 has started. We are pleased that our new product “Advanced Identity Manager” (AIM) has been nominated by a neutral jury in the category D “Access Control & Intruder Alarm”.

AIM is an innovative software platform for consolidated identity management which is being marketed internationally on a project-related basis by Advancis. Several independent access control systems from different manufacturers can be synchronised easily, securely and across locations using the Advanced Identity Manager. AIM acts as a superordinate “information broker” between the individual access control systems and thus enables cross-system data exchange.

With AIM, each employee ideally receives only one access control card (badge) and can use this to pass through all areas that have been activated for him, regardless of which access control system or location he or she has to verify himself against. AIM enables the continued use of existing access solutions without having to give up the advantages of standardised processes and central data maintenance.

The use of AIM and the associated harmonisation significantly reduces the management effort for initial administration and ongoing maintenance of user profiles and group rights in companies with a heterogeneous system landscape. The logical and physical identity of an employee, together with the relevant technical parameters of an access control card (badge), is synchronised via AIM across all connected systems and ensured anytime. Thanks to AIM’s cross-system information exchange, users only need to be administered at one point in the system network (e.g. initially as part of the IT administration in the Active Directory). This means that personal user/identity/ and group rights can be defined centrally according to the employee’s function or role and rolled out across multiple systems. Using standardised (PLAI) and proprietary interfaces, AIM enables connection to various access control systems. In addition, third-party systems such as HR tools and visitor management systems can also be connected. The persons managed here are automatically synchronised by AIM with the connected systems (access control system & active directories).

Currently, AIM is being marketed internationally by Advancis on a project basis. Please find more information about AIM here.

We need your vote to win the award! Please select AIM in category D – we appreciate your support.

WinGuard manual update: Software security and hardening

In general, security – according to the principle “Security by design” – has utmost priority for Advancis already during the product development of new WinGuard functions and interfaces. To support you even better concerning project requirements regarding software security, we have dedicated this topic in the WinGuard manual. In the chapters 11 and 11.6. you find helpful information about the existing security mechanisms in WinGuard as well as different possibilities to harden existing systems.

WinGuard Sales Training 2022

Did you already know that Advancis offers a WinGuard Sales Training online (in German language)? The training consists of several different modules and helps to understand the project goals of customers, shows how to develop suitable solutions and what is important to finally win the contract.

There are three more upcoming training dates this year. More information on our website.

Showroom Update

We would like to thank Multicomsystem OHG for the new assembly point column that has recently been installed in our WinGuard 3D showroom. In connection with a fire detection system, the Interflex 6040 access control system and the GE800 intercom from Commend, it can be demonstrated how various events are processed via the integration of all four systems in WinGuard.

For example, in case of a fire alarm, a building must be evacuated. After the announcement via intercom has been triggered automatically, persons leave the building, go to the assembly point and register at the point column via their badge so that the control centre is aware who is missing and might be trapped inside the building. Visit our virtual showroom to see how situation management works with WinGuard.

WinGuard Training Dates 2022

The new WinGuard training dates for the year 2022 are online. Both the Basic Training for new users and the Professional Training for already experienced users and administrators will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the functions and further developments of our vendor neutral security and building management system. You can find the dates here.

We look forward to your participation, either in our in our modern training center in Langen/Frankfurt or online via Microsoft Teams. The number of free places is limited – register now!

Important information: WinGuard is not affected by the Log4Shell security vulnerability

Immediately after the security vulnerability in the Java library Log4j named Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) became known, we have investigated possible impacts on our software products and informed our integration and technology partners accordingly:

Our PSIM platform WinGuard is secure and not affected by the recently publicized Log4Shell vulnerability. Also, none of the interface modules developed by us are affected.

Information about the further development of WinGuard is contained in our Release Notes.

Further information concerning the Log4Shell vulnerability can be found in the official statement of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

The new WinGuard Android App

The new WinGuard Android App (version 2.0) is now available in the Play Store. The most important new features are the secure encryption of all connections via TLS (as of ASIPServer as well as the logging of fault reports to improve analysis and faster troubleshooting. The WinGuard App, which is of course also available for iOS, is particularly helpful in the current situation as it facilitates working from home or from remote workstations.